[rc5] Re: Macs can't do irc

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Fri Jul 18 01:17:21 EDT 1997

>At 02:30 AM 7/17/97 +0100, Rowland wrote:
>>>The best help I find is on the irc channel
>>>#rc5 on EFNet. You can go into private chat and get past all this noise.
>>Thanks for the tip, but I can't use IRC - I've got a couple of IRC apps,
>>but I can't figure out how to use them, nor what EFNet is and how to
>>connect to it.
>>(Y'know, I really *hate* documentation (like the RC5 stuff) that assumes
>>you know what's going on, and what all the jargon means.  Yes, I *have*
>>tried using the IRC apps, and I've tried asking how the damned thing works
>>in Mac regions on IRC somewhere, and got no response - possibly because
>>no-one saw my question.)
>No, Rowland, you got no response because you are rude and annoying.

Perhaps you could cite one instance of this `rudeness'?

> Helping
>someone like you is not worth the trouble. Stop wasting everyone's time
>with your endless posts to this list.

My posts to this list are on-topic, with the occasional paragraph (as
above) off topic.

I am trying to reduce time-wasting my contributing my CPU to the rc5
effort, but since the v2 Mac client has been released, I have not been able
to do that, since it fails to report back the blocks it has checked.

My posts to this list are mainly trying to find out how to get my checked
blocks reported back correctly.  How is that wasting time?


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