[rc5] Evangelist team?

Robert D. Mosher dmosher at cyburban.com
Fri Jul 18 00:13:37 EDT 1997

For the MacOS types out there:

> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 97 10:35:21 -0700
> From: EvangeList <evangelist at apple.com>
> To: "Macway" <macway-post at private.lists.apple.com>
> Subject: !! - Distributed Macintosh Computing Power Needed for Bovine RC5 Cracking 
> Message-ID: <199707171734.KAA31140 at apple.com>
> This action item is from:
> Craig Richmond, <craig at starfish.net.au>
> RSA is running a competition to break their code. There is a $10,000 
> prize that is up for grabs by the person who wins. The Bovine RC5 project 
> is a volunteer effort using spare CPU cycles to search the key space. 
> Teams can enter and Powermacs are already among the fastest computers 
> benchmarked.
> The prize will be split between the organisers ($1000), you ($1000) and 
> Project Gutenberg ($8000) if you find the key using their client. Project 
> Gutenberg is trying to make as much literature as possible freely 
> available electronically through volunteer effort.
> I think it would be a great sign if all the macway users could join with 
> a single team name <evangelist at apple.com> to help with the project. Prove 
> that all the Macs out there really are fast computers that can amount to 
> something. [Aside from Digital Guy: I propose donating "our" $1000.00 to 
> Project Gutenberg as well.  It's an amazing project!]
> RSA competition
> <http://www.rsa.com/rsalabs/97challenge/secret-key.htm>
> Project Gutenberg:
> <http://www.gutenberg.org/>
> The web site:
> <http://rc5.distributed.net/>
> The Macintosh client:
> <ftp://ftp.distributed.net//pub/rc5/v2/rc5v2-macos.sit.hqx>
> The FTP server is a Windows NT box and I had to try a couple of times 
> before it downloaded properly.
> Lets make <macway at aol.com> the number one contributer to the project.
> PowerPC MacOS systems already account for about 20% of the computing 
> power dedicated to the project. That's behind Intel!
> Steve Wozniak is already in the top 100 on the list.
> The number 1 contributor is generating the equivilant of only 100 Power 
> Macintosh 7300 machines. If Macway can add 1000 machines it will really 
> make a point.
> A Sun Ultra 2 Enterprise generates 241874.70 keys a second.
> A powerbook 5300 clocks in at 255000 keys a second.
> __________________________
> Digital Guy Sez:
> Well, I had loaded up my machines with the DESChall client when it was 
> out, so I've done the same with the (MUCH nicer!) RC5 client when I got 
> this on Wednesday.  Very painless, and the "evangelist at apple.com" *team* 
> is already ranked at 211! Can you imagine what'll happen once we get some 
> serious horsepower on this case?
> I don't just want to be number one in the key-crunching catagory, I want 
> this prize to go to a PowerPC based machine!  Let's rock!

Also, a very nice piece of basic documentation for the Mac V2 client can
be had here:
		<<http://www.netrus.net/users/bacchus/ >>

How about starting an ALL Mac team with it's own mail list????  That way
we could have a single objective - getting the Mac client up to speed.

		Dale Mosher   dmosher at cyburban.com
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