[rc5] [RC5] Mac Support

Shea Tisdale shea at signalinc.com
Fri Jul 18 10:03:10 EDT 1997

Ok, well I've read enough and its time to put up or shut up.  As the head
of a mac only team with 20,000 blocks behind us I think we have the most to
gain so I'm going to put up.

I volunteer to provide mac support and to write the documentation and to
contribute to the client development.  I will even establish a mac only
mailing list for those interested.

Could whoever is heading up mac client development please contact me.

If you want to be included on the mailing list please send an email to
macrsa at signalinc.com with the subject mac mailing list.

Shea Tisdale
Signal Interactive, Incorporated
Phone: (919)688-7878
FAX:   (919)688-9348

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