[rc5] RC5 for Mac--which settings?

Dane Robison dane at macconnect.com
Fri Jul 18 12:15:06 EDT 1997

Sorry to add to the growing list of Mac users who are (justly)
complaining about the lack of 
support, but I can't figure out what Network Settings to use. I seem to
be getting by with 
the trial and error method, but I can't find a setting that consistently
works. The "help" 
page didn't shed much light on the issue. As you can see,

>    These options, in english are:
>       1. I can communicate freely to the Internet on all ports.
>          This setting is what most users will use. It allows simple, direct communication
>          between the client and the keyserver. Try this setting first, and if it works, 
>          you're fine.
>       2. I can communicate freely on telnet ports
>          If your site has a simple port filter that blocks all non-standard ports, this
>          setting will probably work. It forces the client to contact the keyserver on
>          port 23, instead of the normal port.
>       3. I can communicate freely on telnet ports, but need uuencoding
>          If your site has a firewall that allows telnet port traffic but enforces 7-bit
>          flat ASCII, this option will uuencode the packet information so that no data
>          will be lost on transfer.
>       4. I have a local HTTP proxy that I can go through
>          This option will perform HTTP tunneling to satisfy the more draconian firewalls
>          out there. Try this option if nothing else works. For this option, you should
>          set the proxy address/port to the identity of your local http proxy and not the
>          final destination, which is hard-coded into the client.
>       5. Let me specify my own things (expert mode)
>          Most clients can safely leave this option untouched. However, if you need to
>          fine-tune the settings, selecting option 5 will give you additional options
>          on the main menu. (see below)

I have a serial port, but what the blazes is a telnet port? Or a normal
port? Or a standard 
port? Or a port filter?

As far as I know, I have no firewall, draconian or otherwise, and I'm
not sure how http 
tunneling or proxies could be relevant to my situation.

I'm just a normal guy with a mac and a modem who wants to participate in
this thing. Can 
someone please contact me, off-list if necessary, and walk me through
this procedure in 
*real* english?

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