[rc5] Client for DEC Alpha and VMS V6.2?

David Morrison ccdfm at seagoon.newcastle.edu.au
Sat Jul 19 03:21:48 EDT 1997

I have a couple of DEC Alphas using VMS 6.2 and Multinet. When I run either
of the VMS/Alpha clients, I get:

$ run rc5v2
%DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image CXXL$011_SHR
-CLI-E-IMGNAME, image file
-SYSTEM-F-SHRIDMISMAT, ident mismatch with shareable image

Can someone help me with a client for these two machines?

(And what does EV4 and EV5 mean anyway?)


David Morrison, ITD, University of Newcastle, Australia
ccdfm at mail.newcastle.edu.au
Ph +61 49 215397
Fax +61 49 216910

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