General Support issues (was: Re: [rc5] Re: Mac support problems)

Stephen Langasek vorlon at
Fri Jul 18 12:53:19 EDT 1997

On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, David Hubbard wrote:
> > But 'executive summary' is really the only thing in the stats that appeals
> > to people who aren't already involved with the project (unless they see
> > one of their favorite groups in the top 100).  'Sides, trying to update
> > the rest of the stats every hour would... just be scary. :)

> 	I don't think that is necessarily true.  When I started up, the
> thing that appealed to me was the top 100 stats.  I downloaded the
> client, saw how fast it went on my home machine, and said "Hmm.. if
> I put this on a whole bunch of my users' machines at work, I could
> probably get in the top 100."  and 122,000 blocks later I'm up
> at #18. :-)

Hmm... I suppose this is true...  Especially as I'm planning on breaking
the top 100 early next week myself... :)  But for me, the motivation is
there whether the stats are up-to-the-second accurate, or a day behind.  I
don't know how much overhead is involved every time the stats are
processed--it could be that trying to update every hour (or couple of 
hours) would mean having to dedicate a machine to the process.  I have no
real objection to having more up-to-date stats, but would like to know how
feasible it would be with the current setup.


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