[rc5] RC5 for Mac--which settings?

Seth sjohnson at smart.net
Fri Jul 18 14:12:11 EDT 1997

Dane Robison wrote:

> >    These options, in english are:
> >       1. I can communicate freely to the Internet on all ports.
> >          This setting is what most users will use. It allows simple,
> direct communication
> >          between the client and the keyserver. Try this setting
> first, and if it works,
> >          you're fine.
> I have a serial port, but what the blazes is a telnet port? Or a
> normal
> port? Or a standard
> port? Or a port filter?

I think you are making this a lot more difficult than it should be. If
you are using a current issue of MacOS (<7.1) with Open Transport, the
above-described setting should work for you.

On my PowerMac at home, I have this setting chosen. I also have FreePPP
(available from www.rockstar.com) set to hang up the phone after 1
minute of idle time. I also have that control panel set to let other
applications open the connection. All day long my computer crunches
keys, dials the phone every half hour or so, returns the results, gets
more keys, then disconnects from the internet.

For the situation you described, those other settings should be
irrelevant to you.


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