[rc5] RC5 for Mac--which settings?

Robert D. Mosher dmosher at cyburban.com
Fri Jul 18 17:06:39 EDT 1997

Seth wrote:
> Stephen Langasek wrote:
> > On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, Seth wrote:
> >
> > > I think you are making this a lot more difficult than it should be.
> > If you are using a current issue of MacOS (<7.1) with Open Transport,
> > the above-described setting should work for you.
> >
> > The version of the operating system and PPP software has no bearing on these settings. 
> > A firewall is a firewall, and he doesn't have a firewall,
> > so--he doesn't use the other settings.
> Right.
> The reason why I prefaced my note with that disclaimer about Open
> Transport and the MacOS version was becase the automatic
> connect/disconnect and FreeePPP would not be supported on older versions
> of MacOS running classic networking (MacTCP rather than OT). If someone
> is using classic networking, there might be difficulties with having the
> client autonomously connect and disconnect from the internet.
> I apologize for any confusion.
> Seth
> ----

Seth, I am using FreePPP 2.5.3 and OS 7.6.1 with the latest OT and still
get problems letting the V2 client open the connection.  Most of the
problem is in the closing end.  After disconnecting, the connection goes
to an actual DNS # ( was the last one) instead of
<supplied by server>.  This seems to be a problem with
TCP/IP......should I leave TCP/IP on all the time or only "as needed"?

Dale Mosher
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