[rc5] Another porting request

Frank Basso frankb at redbox.xo.com
Fri Jul 18 15:31:25 EDT 1997

Also, it would be great to build an MMX enabled client for NT so we can
take advantage of these systems in a more fashionable way than letting the
OS do it. The performance increase of MMX vs non/MMX right now does not
seem to be that great.


vorlon at dodds.net on 07/18/97 02:20:53 PM

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On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, David McNett wrote:

> I vaguely recall either Bovine or Duncan explaining to me that there was
> some technical reason that prevented them from porting the V2 code to
> win32s (for operation under win3.1), but I cannot for the life of me
> remember exactly why this was.  Suffice to say, it sounded reasonable to
me > when it was explained.

> Now you've gone and gotten me curious, and I'm trying to get a better
> answer for you, but that's what I remember.  As soon as I find something
> out, I'll let you know.

I appreciate any information you could give me.  I do so hate to see these
machines sit idle, when I could be using them to jump into the top 100
instead. ;)  I don't know how widespread interest is in such a client; I
know someone else here expressed an interest in a Windows 3 / DOS client,
with or without networking.  If networking is the major obstacle, it
should be possible to get these machines crunching using a samba-mounted
share, as well...

                            -Steve Langasek

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