[rc5] Proxy problems

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Fri Jul 18 17:45:10 EDT 1997

On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, Ivo Janssen wrote:

> Hmm, I wouldn't do that. Random block only works one time. When the
> client has a network error, it generates a random block, finishes it,
> and then stops/hangs completely (as I've heard, I've never generated
> a random block!).

I had seen this factoid tossed around once or twice on here, and it made
me curious, so I did a little experimenting (okay, I confess, I did a
flush w/o a fetch, and the modem disconnected overnight :-)... I found
that my machine was generating random keyblocks just fine.  Combined with
a couple of other reports I've seen (and making the assumption that the
logic is the same across all clients), it leads me to believe that the
limit is actually imposed by the output buffer--specifically, if the
client is buffering n blocks, it will cease to generate random keyblocks
when buff-out contains n+1 blocks.  Since most people have n or n+1 blocks
on their system at any one time (flush&fetch while the client is off
results in n blocks in buff-in; flush&fetch while the client is on results
in n blocks in buff-in, plus the one the client is chewing on), this would
explain why some people are seeing it generate blocks for a little bit,
and then stop.  In my case, since I had only 13 blocks total on the system
(flush w/o fetch) and was buffering 20, the client processed the 13 it had
and then started generating more.

In short, the random block generation code appears to be fine, but if the
output buffer is full the client never gets to that stage, because it's
trying to connect to the server in order to UPLOAD, and a bypass wasn't
provided for handling that case.

Then again, I could be way off on this one. :)  Just a report from one
who's had good results with the random generation..

> Even more better is: Get the firewall to work.
> (hmm, tried every single combination from the expert menu??)
Yes, always the best option, this. :)

                               -Steve Langasek

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