[rc5] Another porting request

Allan C. Tong actong at wam.umd.edu
Fri Jul 18 20:27:09 EDT 1997

> > Also, it would be great to build an MMX enabled client for NT...
> IMHO, MMX means two things: extra graphical functions and more _brute
> power_, like cache, pipelines, etc.
> Can one of these two mean anything to speeding up the client?
MMX is not just about extra graphical functions. It uses SIMD, Single
Instruction Multiple Data, and 64-bit registers to allow instructions to
act upon several pieces of data (that's where the extra graphics power
comes from). Since, i believe, the RC5 algorithm uses 32-bit words, it may
(?) be possible to take advantage of MMX to increase the efficiency of the
clients by computing more than one key simultaneously. Then again, maybe
the algorithm is too complex, i don't know. Something to think about.


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