General Support issues (was: Re: [rc5] Re: Mac support problems)

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at
Sat Jul 19 01:36:10 EDT 1997

>1. There seems to be a problem with the version 2 MacOS 68k client. It
>doesn't always report back and seems to be slower than the version 1
>2. Complaining and whining aren't going to get you anywhere. It's no one's
>job to help you. If someone is helping you they are going out of their way
>to do so.

But...  surely the point of this whole thing is that it's a co-operative
effort to bring as much processing power to bear on a problem?  Which means
it's in everyone's interest, especially the people who started this whole
thing, to get as many processors as possible working?

Why are any of us trying to get our processors working on this job?  Is it
for personal gain?  No!  It's because we want to help crack rc5 - nothing
more.  Given that's what we're here for, doesn't it make sense for everyone
to look up from their own little corner and offer everyone all the advice
they can?

And by the way, as someone who's been accused of complaining and whining, I
think you should know that since I have been accused of complaining and
whining, I've had several very kind offers of substantial help.  So it
seems that what you consider `complaining and whining' *does* get you

>Any other items/comments?

Yes: given that the v2 Mac client has trouble on 68K machines, how do those
of use with 68K Macs find some way of providing feedback to the developers?


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