[rc5] bug in clients

Mats Fennvik fennvik at algonet.se
Sat Jul 19 04:32:03 EDT 1997

Frank Basso wrote:
> I have also encountered this problem with clients running on systems that
> are not connected full time to the net. Another selection should be added
> to the config dialog that allows for Disconnected systems to only access
> the proxy when told to via the fetch command.
> -Frank Basso

> There is a bug that could potentially cause some clients that aren't
> constantly connected to the net some problems.  When rc5v2002 gets key
> blocks from the server, and incounters an error half way through the
> transfer it continues to scan blocks rather than stop and try to get the
> rest of the blocks.  Someone who dials every 50 blocks to get more
> automaticly could encounter some problems.

I got a problem, 
My free PPP hangs if I let the application to open the connection.
This means that every time my client want to send back checked blocks it
hangs. (or I need to be on a open telephone-line all the time)

Does anyone have a simular problem,


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