[rc5] Linux problem

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Sat Jul 19 06:47:12 EDT 1997

On Sat, 19 Jul 1997, Allan Jensen wrote:

> I'm trying to run the rc5v2 client on one of my Linux boxes.
> Hardware/software description:
> 486DX4-100, 16 MB RAM, NE2000 card, 5434 PCI GFX-card with RedHat Linux 
> 3.0.3, upgraded to (first) kernel 2.0.0 with the std. upgrade RPM's from 
> Red Hat Software, and then upgraded to kernel 2.0.29 later.
> This machine is configured as an IPMASQ server, and can do dialouts to my 
> local ISP at specific times (no autodial - there are dialin-users aswell).

> Now.. Does anyone have any creative suggestions on why this doesn't work? 

I'm currently running the client on two masqueraded machines, so there's
no inherent conflict between the client and IPmasq.  I'm running
masquerading on a 2.0.29 box as well, RedHat 4.1, with the firewall set up
to accept tcp and udp packets on all ports (except netbios, because an ISP
close to mine on the network was having trouble keeping packets to
itself <sigh>).

Is it possible that you have a forwarding rule which might be blocking the
packets?  If IRC works, it doesn't sound like you've limited it to the
lower 1024.  What about the rc5 ini file itself -- is the configuration
file on the masqed machines identical to the one on the non-firewalled box
you say is working?

                              -Steve Langasek

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