[rc5] Linux problem / network errors

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Sat Jul 19 14:18:47 EDT 1997

On Sat, 19 Jul 1997, Allan Jensen wrote:

> Now: The problem is, if I run the client on IPMASQ, I get a 
> Network::Open Error X - sleeping for 3 seconds
> I just got to say : _everything_ else works 100% fine - web, telnet, irc, 
> ftp, you name it - just not this rc5v2 client!

When I look at my logfile's, there's a _LOT_ Netwerk-errors, and I'm
on a university, with a perfect Internet connection.
Never had problems with telnet/www/ftp whatsoever.
Only rc5 keeps generating networkerrors....
IMO the networkcode could be more tolerant. (maybe to short timeouts?)


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