[rc5] Idle cycles & Picture Tel

Shawn P. Cox spcox at HUB.ofthe.NET
Sat Jul 19 11:28:56 EDT 1997

> Hey Everyone,
> 	I'm just curious if anyone has heard of this.  A friend of mine
> that is running the TimC hidden client has a picture tel system in his
> machine with the capture card and camera.  He says that he mentioned to
> the rep that he has a process that takes idle cycles.  The picture tel rep
> seemed to know about rc5 and he said that it will hurt the performance of
> their software.  His explanation was that the software will take enough
> cpu to ensure the H323 standard data stream, but then it will also use
> idle cycles if there are any to do other video things.  Anyone else heard
> of anything like this?

I have seen something very similar with my Connectix Quick Cam.  I used to 
keep a snapshot of my office on my web page.  But I noticed that the Cam software 
pegged the CPU.  I'd rather crack rc5 than use the camera...

Shawn Cox
spcox at hub.ofthe.net

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