[rc5] Lost checked keyblocks

Adam L. Beberg beberg at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Sun Jul 20 07:18:15 EDT 1997

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, Michael Bruck wrote:

> > > During an -update my win32 client came up with the following
> > > message:
> > > The proxy says: "Welcome to rc5.best.net.  Happy cracking!"
> > > <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Network::Error Bad Data 5
> > >
> > > Obviously it has lost about 15 blocks. The buff-out file
> > > is also gone. So the question is, if I can send the logfile

The blocks are only removed one at a time from the buffer file, and on an
error it's put back in the buffer. The client only deletes the buff-out if
it's empty. Any number of system errors may have deleted it on your sytems
tho. There is also only one network connection per fetch or flush, not one
for each block.

- Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
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