[rc5] low volume annoucement-only mailing list ?

Jude Giampaolo jude at ruf2ece.psu.edu
Sun Jul 20 11:02:50 EDT 1997

>is there a announcement-only mailing list for RC5 ?

To quote from the web page:

mailing lists

 There are several mailing lists available to provide you with more
 information about the contest.

        If you have questions you wish to direct privately to the
        administrators, you can send mail to rc5help at slacker.com.

        The main list (rc5 at llamas.net) is an open mailing list available for
        your questions and discussions relating to the effort. To subscribe
        to the main list, send a message containing the text "subscribe
        rc5" to majordomo at llamas.net

        The main list gets a considerable amount of traffic and so a digest
        version of it is also available so as to reduce the number of mail
        messages you receive in your box. To subscribe to the digested
        version of the main list, send a message containing the text
        "subscribe rc5-digest" to majordomo at llamas.net

        The announcements list (rc5-announce at llamas.net) is a
        moderated mailing list that will only contain messages from the
        Bovine RC5 Effort administrators. To subscribe to the main list,
        send a message containing the text "subscribe rc5-announce" to
        majordomo at llamas.net

        If you would prefer not to receive any email, you can view an
        archive of all of the messages sent to the mailing lists by visiting
        our mailing list archive.

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