[rc5] seeking the keys

marcus at dfwmm.net marcus at dfwmm.net
Sun Jul 20 10:36:20 EDT 1997

Mike Silbersack wrote:
> > From: Irwan Hadi <phoenix at cutey.com>
> > Subject: Re: [rc5] seeking the keys
> > At 21:42 19/07/97 +0400, you wrote:
> > >
> > >> OTOH, Cyrix 6x86 PR166 at 133Mhz:
> > >>
> > >>   os2   258Kkeys/s
> > >How did you do that? My 6x86 PR166 only does ~ 215 kkeys/sec. !?
> > >
> > Overclocking, maybe ? or maybe he use better motherboard that U

No, 2x66=133Mhz is the correct/normal speed for a PR 166+. The
processor(and everything else) oc's ok, but one of the voltage
regulators gets way too hot for _my_ comfort when I turn it up
to 2x75(aka PR200+) speed. So, until I can find the time to
replace the tiny stock heatsink on the vr, it will stay at the
normal(2x66) rated speed.
> If I understand correctly, the 6x86 has many internal features (such as
> branch prediction) that aren't enabled by all BIOSes - the person with a
> newer BIOS may have these features enabled, and see a speed increase over
> the person with an older BIOS which doesn't enable these features.  I
> believe that there are programs to enable these features in autoexec.bat;
> check at sysopt or tom's hardware guide.

Except for the autoexec.bat(os2 doesn't run an autoexec.bat for
any native os2 code) part, this is most likely the reason.

I have an Asustek P/I-P55T2P4D v3.0, and 512K L2 cache with the
next-to-latest BIOS update loaded in the flash. That's about all
that I can think of that would affect a small program like the
rc5 client. Perhaps some twiddling of DRAM settings would help,
and turning off all of the extras for the WPS(like the WarpCenter
with its clock, disk, and memory monitoring) _does_ help. If I
remember correctly, the latest BIOS version only adds support for
the AMD K6 and Cyrix M2 processors and perhaps some bug fixes that
I don't need. I don't know the version details and can't access
them at the moment (my notes are on an HPFS partition, and I run
mostly w95 when my daughter is over for weekends). Get in touch
again if you do want the data, and/or visit

 http://www.asus.com and http://sysdoc.pair.com
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