[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #54

Mats Fennvik fennvik at algonet.se
Mon Jul 21 00:46:35 EDT 1997

> > >My free PPP hangs if I let the application open the connection.

> > Yes, same problem on OT/PPP.

> I had this very same problem.  For partial relief, I set FreePPP to
> "allow applications to open....", set "disconnect if idle 1 minute...."
> The problem seems to be that the
> application leaves a static IP address in TCP/IP where there should be
> <will be supplied by PPP server>   (or words to that effect).  The next
> time FreePPP attempts to dial out, there is no one there to Okay the
> signon. 
> Hope this helps.               Dale Mosher

Are you saying that this work-around actually works...?
I will try it, thanks Dale


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