[rc5] seeking the keys

Brian J. Burke burkebj at erols.com
Sun Jul 20 22:16:29 EDT 1997

Austin T. wrote:
> Looking at an online shopping page, I have a question.  What is the
> difference between an IBM 6x86 200+ (L), and a Cyrix PR200-MX (M2) 6x86 (L)
> ?  Besides of course the prices of $91 and $245?  I have a Pentium 133
> right now, and higher power for half the cost of what I bought looks pretty
> good...

The most notable difference is that the PR200-MX supports MMX extensions
while the 6x86L doesn't.  They are both great chips.  Check out Tom's
Hardware Guide (http://sysdoc.pair.com/) he has some great info on the
6x86 series of CPUs.
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