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Bryan Golder redlog6 at concentric.net
Sun Jul 20 21:39:14 EDT 1997

Hey there...here's something I wrote for Dane to try to make his life 
easier. Perhaps a few other Mac users will find something useful in it. 
Of course, the control panel Okey Dokey that I sent him can't be posted 
to the mailing list, but you can get it at:


>Thanks, Bryan. I have so far had limited success using 
>the first setting (communicate freely on all ports), 
>but I'm curious about all those folks who seem able to 
>let the client initiate connections when necessary. I 
>find it very curious that the client *tries* to connect 
>but my OT/PPP appears incapable of establishing a conection 
>as long as RC5 is running. I have to quit rc5, connect 
>manually, and relaunch rc5.
>PowerMac 8500 with 7.6, OT 1.1.1, & OT/PPP 1.0...
>Any ideas?
Here's a couple of ideas...

First, I find it strange that you are running system 7.6 and not using 
Open Transport 1.1.2. OT 1.1.2 comes with System 7.6 and is what you 
should be running. Double check that you are running that version. If 
not, download it from Apple at www.info.apple.com.

Once you've resolved that...here's how to make the client do its thing 
automatically via a dial-up PPP connection. I'm doing it this way and it 
works great. If it looks complicated, it's only because Im taking you 
through every step. Fear not!

There is a control panel attached to this email message called "Okey 
Dokey", stuffed and binhexed. Drop it on Stuffit expander and PUT IT IN 
YOUR CONTROL PANELS FOLDER. Configuration for Okey Dokey is at the end of 
this message.

Mailing list readers can get it from:

Here's the Open Transport settings to make RC5 automated:

     Open the TCP/IP control panel
     Press Command-K
     Select your default configuration (meaning whichever one you 
normally use) if it is not already selected.
     Duplicate it (this is so you can keep your previous settings intact)
     Rename it something like RC5 Configuration
     Click OK, and then click Make Active
     Click Options in the control panel window (at the bottom)
     Click the option that says "Load only when needed"
     Make sure the "Active" option is checked also
     Click OK
     Press Command-Q
     Click Yes to save changes

     Open the PPP control panel
     Press Command-K
     Select your default configuration
     Duplicate it
     Rename it something like RC5 PPP Configuration
     Click OK, and then click Make Active
     Click Options in the control panel window (at the bottom)
     Click on the "Connection" tab
     The top option says "Connect Automatically when starting TCPIP 
     Check this option
     Below that option, at the bottom, is an option which says, 
"disconnect if idle..."
     Check that box, and type in a number (1 to 5 minutes - I suggest 1)
     Click OK
     Close the PPP control panel and click yes to save changes
     If you haven't restarted, do so now so the Okey Dokey control panel 
loads. Then open it up and do the following:

     Set the option on the left to ten seconds.
     Check the display remaining time and keep snapshot options.
     Click the "special apps" option on the right
     Click Add...
     Navigate to your System Folder, and find the "Finder"
     Select it
     Click Add again in Okey Dokey...
     Navigate to the RC5 client
     Select it
     Click OK
     Now back in the main Okey Dokey window, click the "Active ONLY in 
special apps" check button on the right.
     Close Okey Dokey.


Open RC5, open the network settings, and set the buffer to 1 block (this 
setting is just a test)...

Set the option below that to "communicate freely on all ports..." - this 
setting will stay this way...

Let RC5 run through 1 key block. It may run through several if you 
previously had it set to buffer many key blocks, but eventually, what 
will happen is this.

When it says "sending (or getting) blocks from the proxy", Open Transport 
PPP will automatically connect to your provider, RC5 will connect to the 
proxy and get or send it blocks, and then Open Transport will 
automatically disconnect you after about 1 minute of idle time (or 
whatever you set it to in the PPP control panel).

Now, here's where Okey Dokey comes in. Normally, if you are away from 
your computer when this happens, the dialogue that says "You have been 
disconnected for a lack of activity" just sits there tying up the 
computer, and RC5 stops running until you come home. BUT, okey dokey will 
click the OK button for you in ten seconds (as you set it) and the 
dialogue closes and creates a nice little log file on your desktop of 
it's actions. Then RC5 pops back as the frontmost application and 
continues plugging away. 

If everything works up to that point, set the buffer in the RC5 network 
settings to 20, and then forget all about it from there on out. It will 
spend 3-4 hours knocking out the 20 key blocks, then sign on to the proxy 
and do its thing as described above.

Hope this helps,

Bryan Golder
redlog6 at concentric.net

Bryan Golder
redlog6 at aol.com
redlog6 at concentric.net

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