[rc5] 6x86 performance ...

Michael Chajkowski mickyc at superiway.net
Mon Jul 21 03:23:16 EDT 1997

There is a program out there called set6x86 that does pretty much as it
says.  It allows the user to set the Cyrix 6x86 chips internal features
on and off.  The unfortunate part is that in order to enable "every"
feature of the chip, you must read the cyrix tech docs ...  Anyway, for
those of us with these chips, it is an excellent way to increase
performance and reduce power consumption in one fell swoop ...

For all those of us using the OS/2 client, I have the OS/2 version of
this program, if you would like it, send me an email directly and I
will package it up and send it.  The package I got includes the source
code so if you are an enterprizing sort of person, you can port it to
YOUR platform.  BTW, the utility was originally compiled for Linux and
Dos and later ported to OS/2.

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