[rc5] rc5 alpha client for vms 7.0

David Sowder davids at cosmic.swau.edu
Mon Jul 21 18:18:05 EDT 1997

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Kovacs Alexandra Emese wrote:
> Anyone using v2.002 clients on alpha processors running VMS 7.0?
> The binaries downloaded from ftp.distributed.net are not willing to run on
> our alpha server.
> The client complains about not being able to activate image
> The system administrator told something about using UCX.
> Would it be possible to get binaries compiled for UCX ?
> We are currently running a v1 client, that we managed to port, and we'd like
> to upgrade.

The v2 Alpha client currently only supports Multinet.  When I can get the
time, I plan to make it use the usually emulated UCX TCP/IP stack.

Also, I have an Email pending with Adam Beberg on the possibility of
distributing .obj files so that systems that have VMS versions less than
v7.1 (v7.0?) can get around the library incompatibilities.

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