[rc5] Delay on v2.003

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Tue Jul 22 00:56:15 EDT 1997

>At 06:26 AM 7/21/97 +0000, Chris Carlin wrote:
>>Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
>>> messages saying `We're working on it but don't ask when it'll be
>>> ready'
>>> just irritate, you know.  Saying `We're working on it, and it'll be
>>> done in
>>What I would like to see--and I've seen this done on some other pieces
>>of software--would be a list of things to be done, possibly put on the
>>website, maybe this list. List all of the bugs that are to be fixed and
>>all the new features to be added. As they are completed, they are
>>checked off.
>>If they do it this way, the ETA wouldn't need to be that static. People
>>will see that something is taking longer than expected and will allow
>>the date to be pushed back more readily than if they were just told that
>>the date was being pushed back (or not even told...).
>Fine.  http://rc5.distributed.net/currentwork.html
>Do not flood the list with any questions regarding the details of the work
>being done.  Instead, send queries to rc5help at slacker.com

But...  Virtually every (perhaps all) of my emails to that address have
been ignored.

At least one gets a response from the mailing list - which suggests that
there is no point sending email to rc5help at slacker.com, and lots of point
in sending it to the mailing list.

If only this were not so.


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