[rc5] Delay on v2.003

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Tue Jul 22 00:11:06 EDT 1997

Dave Huang was heard saying:
>Indeed... after seeing all of the "mail rc5help, not the rc5 list" stuff,
>I tried sending a Mac client question there. Haven't heard anything back
>yet though (I sent the mail Thursday night).


You (and Rowland) have my most sincere apologies.  Given the recent
changing of the guard that we've seen in regards to the Mac client it's
been a bit shaky getting definative answers for this platform.  I've been
forwarding all the MacOS requests off to a couple of volunteers, but there
is no "official" support avenue in place at this time.  As a result, I do
not find it had to believe that your messages slipped through the cracks.
The few people we do have involved in the Mac client are so focused on
coding that they have little time left over for tech support issues.  I'm
not sure I'd really want to divert them from coding, either.  There has
been talk (and a volunteer has stepped forward) for creating a Mac-specific
mailing list which will handle these issues in the future, but I've not
heard from that person as to the availibility of that list yet.

Again - I apoligize for allowing your questions to go unanswered.  Although
I am probably the least knowledgable person when it comes to MacOS and the
MacOS client, I do feel personally responsible for failing to provide a
response in a reasonable period of time.

-David McNett
 nugget at slacker.com

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