[rc5] Simple stats question

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Mon Jul 21 22:39:07 EDT 1997

Hi Rebecca,

If you look at the top of the pages now (GMT day 22), you'll see:

	These are stats for 07/20/97 ONLY (GMT day)
	This is only to let stats addicts get their fix :) 
	Stats run: Mon Jul 21 08:19:40 1997 GMT

"Stats run" indicates at what time we *posted* the stats (of the previous
day's performance).  If in doubt, the first line should indicates what GMT
day's stats are listed.

As you can tell from the "Stats run" time, we don't post the previous day's
stats immediately at GMT midnight.

Hopefully, regularly updated stats will resume shortly.  I have just
finished rewriting part of our stats engine that we use to merge in new
data and have reduced the time to merge in a day's worth of data from more
than an hour to less than a minute.  I've also identified the problem that
was causing the cumulative host totals to be shown incorrectly.  Hopefully
we can resume having "somewhat live" stats on our pages very soon now.

Jeff ]:8)

At 05:10 AM 7/22/97 +0100, you wrote:
>I have a simple question about stats:
>If stats are for yesterday only, how come, when I look at the stats on
>July 1997 GMT, I see stats for 20th July 1997 GMT?

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