[rc5] Simple stats question (please ignore earlier one - sorry)

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Tue Jul 22 07:08:17 EDT 1997

>I have a simple question about stats:
>If stats are for yesterday only, how come, when I look at the stats on
>22nd July 1997 GMT, I see stats for 20th July 1997 GMT?

Apologies for this earlier question - I've found the cumulative stats now,
and I've got a different question.

I finally got the Mac v2 client to claim to report some blocks - I ensured
that my internet connection was up when the client was ready to send a
block; not trivial to arrange.  I then checked my stats more than 12 hours
later to ensure that they had, in fact, been reported correctly.

I had previously checked and reported 6 blocks with the v1 client, and this
showed up in the stats.

When I checked the stats this morning, the extra 8 blocks hadn't shown up.
The stats page showed (exactly as it had *before* attempting to report
these 8 blocks):

Stats run: Tue Jul 22 04:47:43 1997 GMT
                                               Time         last heard
Position          email             Blocks  running (days)  from (days)
5150      rebecca at astrid.u-net.com     6        19.1           13.3

I confirmed that I'd entered my email address into the client correctly.

What I'm concerned about is not my stats as such - I'm not at all bothered
by my ranking and all that.  I'm worried that the Mac client's not
reporting correctly.

Can anyone shed any light?  I've appended the relevant section of the log
file to the end of this message, followed by my Prefs file.  FWIW, the
buff-out file has vanished.

Thanks in advance,

Here's the relevant section of the log file:

Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/20/97 12:37:59 GMT
 [07/20/97 12:56:10 GMT] Network::Open Error - sleeping for 30 seconds
 [07/20/97 12:56:43 GMT] The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2099)"
 [07/20/97 12:56:49 GMT] Retrieved 4 block(s) from server
1[07/20/97 12:56:49 GMT] Processing block 00865685:90000000 from 0.00%
1[07/21/97 03:21:28 GMT] Suspending block 00865685:90000000 at 97.65%
Client shutting down 07/21/97 03:21:28 GMT

Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/21/97 13:40:07 GMT
1[07/21/97 13:45:26 GMT] Processing block 00865685:90000000 from 97.65%
1[07/21/97 14:05:04 GMT] Completed block 00865685:90000000 (268435456 keys)
in 1178 secs [227 kkeys/sec]
 [07/21/97 14:05:08 GMT] The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2098)"
 [07/21/97 14:05:17 GMT] Sent 8 block(s) to server
1[07/21/97 14:05:17 GMT] Processing block 00865685:60000000 from 0.00%
1[07/22/97 04:24:50 GMT] Suspending block 00865685:60000000 at 54.89%
Client shutting down 07/22/97 04:24:50 GMT

And my prefs file:

id=rebecca at astrid.u-net.com

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