[rc5] Delay on v2.003

Jason Novinger novinger at falcon.cc.ukans.edu
Tue Jul 22 11:54:08 EDT 1997

At 9:14 PM -0600 on 7/21/97, Dave Huang wrote:

> Indeed... after seeing all of the "mail rc5help, not the rc5 list" stuff,
> I tried sending a Mac client question there. Haven't heard anything back
> yet though (I sent the mail Thursday night).
> BTW, my question was whether it's possible to disable the automatic self
> test. It seems like a waste of time to do a self test every time the
> client starts up, especially on slower machines.
> Ah well, I run the client under NetBSD/mac68k now... it's faster, and
> multitasks much better than MacOS :)
> --

Try the RC5-Mac website or the RC5-Mac mailing list (info available at
site). Nothing but mac users.


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