[rc5] Q: rc5v2 2.002 flush and buffer size

Michael B. Clark mclark at homemail.com
Tue Jul 22 15:20:45 EDT 1997


I am running rc5v2 (2.002) on Windows95 on several 486 PCs at my office. I
have two questions about the buffering of blocks:

1. If I have set up rc5v2 to keep 50 blocks in its buffers, and I run
"rc5v2 -update", I can watch the blocks being flushed and fetched. If I run
the "-update" procedure when there are still 25 blocks to go, do the 25 new
blocks end up at the beginning of the 50 block buffer, or at the end? I'm
worried about never quite getting to the 50th block to be tested, and by
watching the status bar count up, it looks like the restarted block is in
the middle of the pack somewhere (#26 in this example, not #1).

2. If I have rc5v2 set up to buffer 50 blocks, and then decrease the number
of buffers back down to 10, do the 40 blocks that are already in the buffer
get tested, and then on the next update all 50 blocks get written out, but
only 10 new blocks would get read in? 

Thank you very much, Michael

Michael B. Clark
mailto:mclark at homemail.com
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