[rc5] BEWARE! Network failure and lost blocks

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Tue Jul 22 18:36:51 EDT 1997

This is the first time that I've ever seen(or perhaps
I just noticed) this. Running the linux v2.002 for x86
client with the following ini file:

id=marcus at dfwmm.net

After dialing in and running rc5v2 -update, here is an
example copied and pasted from the screen, of a failure
that resulted in lost blocks:

The proxy says: "Welcome to rc5.best.net.  Happy cracking!"
[07/22/97 22:05:41 GMT] Retrieved 31 block(s) from server
The proxy says: "Welcome to rc5.darkstar.net Happy hunting!"
>>>>>>>Network::Error Read Failed 27/0
Flush completed.
marcsmess:~/rc5v2b2# rc5v2 -update

It should have uploaded 31, but only succeeded in sending 7.
I've seen this before, but the second try(apparently after
completing a block in the interim) produced evidence of
the loss:

RC5 v2.002 client - a project of distributed.net
Copyright distributed.net 1997
Visit http://www.distributed.net/ for more information

The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2104)"
[07/22/97 22:09:38 GMT] Retrieved 1 block(s) from server
The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2104)"
[07/22/97 22:09:41 GMT] Sent 2 block(s) to server
Flush completed.

It downloaded another raw block since one had just been
completed. Perhaps the completion produced the error?
Here is the screen output from the grinding client.
Notice the way the time stamps are interleaved with the
update(that is, the first upload started at or about
22.05.41 and the block completion occurred at 22.07.53,
and how it noticed the new raw blocks:

[07/22/97 21:50:10 GMT] Completed block 9F218B:F0000000 (268435456 keys)
                        00:17:23.57 - [257227.95 keys/sec]
[07/22/97 21:50:10 GMT] Block: 9F218B:00000000 being processed
[07/22/97 21:50:10 GMT] 19 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
[07/22/97 22:07:53 GMT] Completed block 9F218B:00000000 (268435456 keys)
                        00:17:43.11 - [252500.04 keys/sec]
[07/22/97 22:07:53 GMT] Block: 291ACC:20000000 being processed
[07/22/97 22:07:53 GMT] 49 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5

Then it uploaded two and stopped. Believe me, the checked
blocks are gone. There is no "buff-out" to be found.

The boys at the office can check their logs if they want,
but I'll bet that they don't find those blocks.

Beware of doing an update when the client is about to
complete a block!
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