[rc5] Linux problem

Richard Ellis rellis at erols.com
Tue Jul 22 22:14:11 EDT 1997

> The problem is, it's running just fine on the hosts inside the network, 
> just not on the ipmasq'ing machine,

What are the contents of your routing table on the ipmasq machine?

What's the contents of your masquerading entries in the firewall code
(ipfwadm -M -l) on the ipmasq machine?

Can you run any other tcpip services from the ipmasq machine to the outside
world (telnet/ftp/etc.)?

I'm running ipmasq on a dec alpha running linux 2.0.29 and I can run the
alpha linux rc5 client on it (the dec, it's talking to my modem) just fine
and my dual p100 box can also talk out across the dec's modem just fine.


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Microsoft is the question.
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