[rc5] Simple stats question

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Wed Jul 23 18:20:47 EDT 1997

>> When I checked the stats this morning, the extra 8 blocks hadn't shown up.
>> The stats page showed (exactly as it had *before* attempting to report
>> these 8 blocks):
>> Stats run: Tue Jul 22 04:47:43 1997 GMT
>>                                                Time         last heard
>> Position          email             Blocks  running (days)  from (days)
>> 5150      rebecca at astrid.u-net.com     6        19.1           13.3
>Dear Rebecca,
>Well, it's obvious that you're looking at the "total" stats-page,
>because it says "time running 19.1 days".
>And as you might know, because it's in a 72-point font on almost
>evert "total" stats page:
>	Important! These numbers represent the total effort
>        distributed.net effort through 7/15 - MINUS 6/27 - 7/2 (yes I
>        dohave the data) They are also not quite finished yet!!!
>So, please read the stats-pages before complaining, OK ?

I did read them; I didn't complain: I asked a question - OK?  And given
that, as you rightly point out, I was looking at a page that claimed to
have the total stats on it, I quite reasonably expected to see the stats
for the total work I had done.  I asked the question I asked because the
page didn't show the total number of blocks I thought I'd sent back.

It seems that the header is misleading, and this stats page does *not* have
the total stats on it...

>But it's nice to know that despite of your tons of mails to this
>list, you managed to get _14_ blocks done.....

Yes, because I have had a lot of trouble with the v2 Mac client - I've only
managed to send blocks back with it once.  That's why I've not checked many
blocks.  Obvious really - if the client doesn't work right, I can't run it,
so I check very few blocks.  That's why I mailed the list: to get help, so
I could run the client, and maybe check more blocks.

If people (and some kind people have) help me get the client running, I can
check more blocks.  If everyone behaved like you and did nothin but whinge
because I'm trying to get help to check more blocks, I won't be able to
check more blocks, and fewer blocks will be checked, and it'll take longer
to crack rc5.



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