[rc5] Delay on v2.003

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Wed Jul 23 18:12:57 EDT 1997

>Dave Huang was heard saying:
>>Indeed... after seeing all of the "mail rc5help, not the rc5 list" stuff,
>>I tried sending a Mac client question there. Haven't heard anything back
>>yet though (I sent the mail Thursday night).
>You (and Rowland) have my most sincere apologies.

Thank you - much appreciated :-)

Since my first whinge, I've had a couple of prompt replies from
rc5help at slacker.com - things are clearly better :-)

> Given the recent
>changing of the guard that we've seen in regards to the Mac client it's
>been a bit shaky getting definative answers for this platform.  I've been
>forwarding all the MacOS requests off to a couple of volunteers, but there
>is no "official" support avenue in place at this time.  As a result, I do
>not find it had to believe that your messages slipped through the cracks.
>The few people we do have involved in the Mac client are so focused on
>coding that they have little time left over for tech support issues.  I'm
>not sure I'd really want to divert them from coding, either.

Oh God no - don't do that!  Code first, all else later!

>  There has
>been talk (and a volunteer has stepped forward) for creating a Mac-specific
>mailing list which will handle these issues in the future, but I've not
>heard from that person as to the availibility of that list yet.

Send in the body of an email message to listserv at galactus.signalinc.com
SUBSCRIBE  rc5mac   Your_FirstName   Your_LastName

And you'll be on the RC5 Mac mailing list.

Send messages to the list using this address: rc5mac at signalinc.com

There's MacOS information here as well:
http://www.netrus.net/users/bacchus/   Mac docs
http://rc5-mac.base.org                Mac site

>Again - I apoligize for allowing your questions to go unanswered.  Although
>I am probably the least knowledgable person when it comes to MacOS and the
>MacOS client, I do feel personally responsible for failing to provide a
>response in a reasonable period of time.

Thanks for that gracious apology
A happy Rowland.

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