[rc5] win32 proxy and Linux client problems

Curtis Brown shazam at pobox.com
Wed Jul 23 20:08:46 EDT 1997


I need help getting the Bovine rc5-client to work on my Linuxbox.

I'n new to Linux, so I can't yet get my PPP dialup working. Instead, I've
got two TCP statcks on my Win32box so that one can open the PPP dialup and
the other can manage connectivity with my LAN (just a Linuxbox and a
Win32box). I've setup the rc5-proxy-server on my Win32box. My Linux box can
ping "bonkers" the Win32box. I've pointed the Bovine rc5-client to the
proxy "bonkers".  However, when I launch the Linux client, it failes to
open a network connection with a server, and it just generates random keyes.

I've tried both with and without the "WinProxy" server running, not knowing
if it might help or hinder the bovice proxy. No change. I even tried
setting up the bovine proxy on the Linuxbox and pointing it at the proxy on
the Win32box. No change. One other thing I tried was to simply let
"WinProxy" treat port 2056 as a "socks" proxy port. No Change!

If anyone can help me get my Linux Bovine rc5-client connected to the
internet, I'd be very grateful. For now, I can only effectivly use the
client on my Win32box. I just don't understand why I can ping bonkers, but
it wont get the key-blocks from the proxy server. Is there something I have
to change in the Windows95 Registry to allow it to listen to ports as high
as 2056?

(one other thing I tried was to have the Linux client proxy on port
80(http) which I know works with "WinProxy" because Lynx works just fine.)


-Curtis <shazam at pobox.com>
"My machine ain't slackin' 'til it's done Crackin'!"

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