[rc5] Getting a few more keys/sec

Ken Hildabolt hildajk1 at aplcomm.jhuapl.edu
Wed Jul 23 21:11:28 EDT 1997

In < at tiac.net>, on 07/23/97 
   at 07:59 PM, Curtis Brown <shazam at pobox.com> said:

}Now, I know this is not a Win95 HowTo list, but most of you *do* network
}and many may use Winblows :) So I've got a dumb question: I want to have
}a TCP stack for my ethernet card with a private TCP/IP address. Win95
}does not let me use a 127.x.x.x address for some reason, so for now I've
}got the entire class c network of pointing at my LAN. If
}someday I actually want to hit the real internet hosts in that network I
}won't be able to.

}Is there a more elegant sollution?

Its called OS/2.

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