[rc5] RC5 contact list

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Thu Jul 24 06:40:05 EDT 1997

Hello everyone,

I've put together a list of RC5 contact information.

Would anyone like to comment on it, suggest that I don't use their address,
or perhaps add something else?

I was thinking of asking for it to be included in the FAQ, and maybe the
Mac docs.

Any thoughts?


Email contacts:

General questions/requests to rc5help at slacker.com

Jeff Lawson  Bovine  Primary Coordinator/Programmer  jlawson at hmc.edu
Adam Beberg  Duncan  distributed.net NOC/Programmer  beberg at acm.org
                                                     beberg at distributed.net

David McNett	Nugget	FAQ Maintenance/Proxy operator	nugget at slacker.com
Chris Chiapusio	EA	Mailing List Admin 		chipper at llamas.net
Tristan Horn	Tris	MacOS Client Programmer		tristan at ethereal.net

Unofficial Mac OS related stuff:

andrew meggs <insect at antennahead.com>		Mac OS V2 client programming
Robert Au    <myshkin at cyclone.stanford.edu>	Mac OS V1 client programming

Current Mac people:

Kevyn Shortell      <kevyn at ricochet.net>      rc5 Mac developer
Marc Farnum Rendino <mvgfr at netcom.com>        rc5 Mac unofficial helper

Jason Novinger      <novinger at falcon.cc.ukans.edu> Mac rc5 FAQ maintainer

Mailing lists

To subscribe to any of the mailing lists below, send the commands given
in the body of your message to the given addresses.  I have also listed the
email address to use if you want to send messages to the list.

RC5 Mac mailing list: listserv at galactus.signalinc.com
SUBSCRIBE  rc5mac   Your_FirstName   Your_LastName
Messages to rc5mac at signalinc.com

RC5 announcements: majordomo at llamas.net
subscribe rc5
Messages to rc5-announce at llamas.net

RC5 unmoderated discussion: majordomo at llamas.net
subscribe rc5
Messages to rc5 at llamas.net

RC5 unmoderated discussion digest form: majordomo at llamas.net
subscribe rc5-digest
Messages to rc5 at llamas.net

RC5 Discussion about the personal proxy: majordomo at llamas.net
subscribe rc5-proxyper
Messages to rc5-proxyper at llamas.net


http://rc5.distributed.net             Main site
http://www.netrus.net/users/bacchus/   Mac docs
http://rc5-mac.base.org                Mac site
http://www.alde.com/speed.html         Client/platform speed comparisons

To unsubscribe, send email to majordomo at llamas.net with 'unsubscribe rc5' in the body.

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