[rc5] Re: Aren't we missing the point. WAS: Getting a few more keys/se

Shawn P. Cox spcox at HUB.ofthe.NET
Thu Jul 24 11:25:07 EDT 1997

Isn't the point of this project to utilize the 'unused' cycles that are going
to waste.  I understand that everyone wants to be the one to "find THE key"
But if we fall into the trap of  "must go faster, must go faster" we might
as well put our machines in the corner, turn off the monitor and let it crack
away while flushing our productivity down the toilet.  I know alot of people are
using machines at their workplace to run the client(I do X 6).  How many of us
are guilty of saying "Well that little process doesn't do much for the
company, but it will buy me 10Kkeys more a second if I kill it."  Please don't
trade productivity for Keys Per Second.


P.S. I'm not a manager but I play one on TV. :)

Shawn Cox
spcox at hub.ofthe.net

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