[rc5] segfaults?

Sanford Olson sanford at msn.fullfeed.com
Thu Jul 24 15:00:33 EDT 1997

At 08:11 PM 7/24/97 +0200, Ivo Janssen wrote:
>Nope, there are not!. Please fix those stats to be updated _a lot_
>Veryu important for the affinity with this project. And after all,
>getting 1 person with 100.000 k/s to join us, compares with a speedup
>of 1000 k/s for 1000 people! So getting more people, and keeping them
>is just as important as increasing client-speed!

Nice math *grin*.  Should be 100 k/s, 1000 people...

- Sanford

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