Screen burn-in was Re: [rc5] Getting a few more keys/sec

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at
Thu Jul 24 22:41:03 EDT 1997

>Aaron Cannon presumably wote:
>>Better yet, turn off the screen saver completely and just turn off the
>>monitor.  Just don't forget and leave it on.
>Actually, if your monitor is just a few years old (and not monochrome), the
>manufacturers would have us believe that they are no longer succeptible to
>"screen burn". My 4 year-old Hitachi SuperScan Pro 15 is in dandy shape.. I
>have not *abused* it, but it's had many a long night with that silly
>"taskbar" burning into the lower 40 pixels :)

My 3 year old Mac has, like all Macs, a white menubar in exactly the same
place with exactly the same items in the three left-hand positions
practically every minute it's on with the screen-saver inactive.

I've never seen any evidence of burn-in on any Mac screen - even the 9 year
old Mac Plus I've just bought with its little b+w screen seems to have

The only times I've ever seen burn-in are this: once on a 1970s vintage
colour television connected to a home computer that was in heavy use for a
year; and on several cheap b+w monitors connected to Amstrad PCW512s used a
WPs in an office - I think they'd been on 8-12 hours a day, running a DOS
text menu driven system for at least 3, maybe 5 years.  It was possible to
read the main menu when the monitor was off!

I'd guess that the average colour monitor these days doesn't have to worry
about burn-in.


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