Screen burn-in was Re: [rc5] Getting a few more keys/sec

Vincent Janelle random at
Thu Jul 24 19:18:44 EDT 1997

A note about monitors.

The reason why people see such high burn in rates in monochrome monitors
is that at the time, the update rates of these monitors was so slow, that
they need phophors that when energized, would stay energized long enough
to keep the display up.  Because they were so active, repeated hits by the
electron beam would cause them to become "permentely" energized to some
point.  The update rates today are something above 60 hz, unlike the
probable  30 hz of my old Monochrome monitor.  So, nowadays, the phophors
are so short lived, and because of color, the amount of time has been
raised from a few hours, to a few months.  Screen Savers look pretty, and
they server for the lazy people who don't know how to enable power saving
mode, or in fact, don't ever turn off their monitors.

Hope this solves any questions...

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