[rc5] WinTop

Rocket Socks Eric.S.Smith at williams.edu
Fri Jul 25 20:01:46 EDT 1997

At 12:05 AM 7/26/97 +0200, you wrote:
>For those of you who want to have WinTop (to see if their hidden
>win32 client is still running): Go to ftpsearch
>(http://ftpsearch.ntnu.no/ftpsearch) en search for "wintop.zip"
>Then you can download it yourself....

Or go all out and go to http://wso.williams.edu/software - at the bottom
are the Kernal Toys and they have Wintop and others as well in it....

A seperate question though:
How do you stop the hidden client?  I have two reasons, one is to fix a
possibly screwed-up installation, the other is for when this whole thing is
cracked... how do we stop it then?


Eric Smith
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