[rc5] How many blocks are in the buffer - answer

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Sat Jul 26 02:01:44 EDT 1997

This is great, but the calculation will only be valid for small block 
sizes with a small hard drive...otherwise you will run into the blocking 
factor of HFS that could skew your results there....realisticly anything 
not partitioned over 256M will mess this up...

On 7/24/97 7:05 Rebecca and Rowland blurted:

>I've been a bit irritated at there being no indication in the RC5 v2.000
>client of how many blocks the client's processed, or has left to do.
>So I've had a look at the size of the buffer files on my Mac.
>What I've found is this: the size of both the input and output buffer files
>is given by:
>size/bytes = 8 + 124 * number of blocks in buffer
>>From this, you can find out how many blocks have been processed and put in
>the output buffer.
>You'd think that you could tell how many blocks there are left to process
>in the input buffer.  Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the input buffer
>retains its original size until the last block has begun to be processed,
>at which point the client deletes the file.  If you shut down the client,
>it'll re-create the input buffer file and put one block back into it.
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