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>>A note about monitors.
>>they server for the lazy people who don't know how to enable power saving
>>mode, or in fact, don't ever turn off their monitors.

>I don't know about you, but enabling power savings in Win95 makes my and
>many other people's systems unstable.  I'm sure it's fine at the hardware
>level, and maybe great in another OS, but it's not worth it in my opinion
>in 95.  Personally I have a blank screen saver and turn it off if I'm
>going to be gone.  
>	$0.02

I found that the energy saving features not only made Win95 unstable, but
the first energy saver monitor died due to it's energy saver features.
They kicked in one day and never kicked off. The monitor is absolutely
useless now :( I've not enabled energy saver on any monitor since.

I personally leave the monitor on at all times except when i leave on a
long trip or am sleeping. (IE it's on 12-16 hours a day)

Because i move all my static screen elements about 2 times a month there's
even less chance of burnin. :)

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