[rc5] Re: Aren't we missing the point. WAS: Getting a few more keys/se

Bryan MacBurney bryan_macburney at mindlink.bc.ca
Sat Jul 26 00:40:41 EDT 1997

At 09:42 AM 7/25/97 -0400, you wrote:

>From: "Shawn P. Cox" <spcox at HUB.ofthe.NET>
>Isn't the point of this project to utilize the 'unused' cycles that are going
>to waste.
>Please don't trade productivity for Keys Per Second.

Yeah, I find I keep forgetting that.  Even for those who aren't using work
machines, this project needs to be sustainable over the long run.  The
client's running should intrude as little as possible.

Still, there are little things you can do to maximize efficiency without
much bother.  On my Win95 (P166MMX), Wintop reports that Eudora uses a
consistent 0.5-0.7% CPU just sitting open while Netscape (multiple browsers
even) uses nothing when not loading (big drain, especially animated gifs).
So if I'm not using my system for a while like overnight I'll close Eudora
but leave my half-read Netscape pages minimized.

For the curious, unless actively used Notepad and PGPtray use no CPU,
VirusShield flickers < 0.1% occasionally and Wordpad burns .05%ish when
visible and 0% minimized.

The truly nasty one is the QuickLink MessageCenter that came with my USR
voice modem.  When I leave it running to answer my phone it takes around
90% CPU and an 18 minute block becomes a 3 hour block.  For comparison
WinFax Pro takes < 1% listening for rings.  I tried RC5 (v2b0 then) in
normal mode instead of idle but QuickLink had fits and wouldn't record
messages properly.  I'd be happy if QuickLink used <10% waiting for calls
and 90% for the few minutes it records but I don't know if this is
possible.  Suggestions anyone?  This can really eat into my client's

bryan_macburney at mindlink.bc.ca
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