[rc5] Re: Aren't we missing the point. WAS: Getting a few more keys/se

Austin T. austhomp at iastate.edu
Sat Jul 26 13:11:13 EDT 1997

At 11:40 PM 7/25/97 -0700, you wrote:
>The truly nasty one is the QuickLink MessageCenter that came with my USR
>voice modem.  When I leave it running to answer my phone it takes around
>90% CPU and an 18 minute block becomes a 3 hour block.  For comparison
>WinFax Pro takes < 1% listening for rings.  I tried RC5 (v2b0 then) in
>normal mode instead of idle but QuickLink had fits and wouldn't record
>messages properly.  I'd be happy if QuickLink used <10% waiting for calls
>and 90% for the few minutes it records but I don't know if this is
>possible.  Suggestions anyone?  This can really eat into my client's
>bryan_macburney at mindlink.bc.ca

If you want to still use that software, try doing a search for CCTask, it
will let you change the priority of programs, and hopefully letting the
Quicklink play a littler nicer (ha).  Although it still might work
improperly like when you set rc5 to run normal priority...  

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