[rc5] Block ID processing not equal block ID completed

Mark Boykin marksb at maine.rr.com
Sat Jul 26 19:31:22 EDT 1997

Running client v2.000 for Mac OS 7.5.3 on a PowerBase 180. 

Has anyone else had this occurrence, 

1[07/26/97 20:34:01 GMT] Processing block 00155431:20000000 from 0.00%
1[07/26/97 20:58:06 GMT] Completed block 009C57B5:90000000 (268435456
keys) in 660 secs [406 kkeys/sec]

I have processed about 30 blocks today and this was the third time that
I have seen this. Have been running with options buffer=1 on a cable
modem connection. Most of the time the client has been running by itself
with the monitor off. 

									Mark S. Boykin
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