Screen burn-in was Re: [rc5] Getting a few more keys/sec

Sean McPherson sean at
Sun Jul 27 13:24:22 EDT 1997

> In <33DB6DD9.6501AA7A at>, on 07/27/97 
>    at 10:48 AM, root <marcus at> said:
> >kzinti at wrote:
> >> ____________________________________________
> >> Kzinti Alien-Technologist, kzinti at
> >Eat any tasty Jotoki or wrestle a big Kdatlyno recently?
> Nope.. Been stuck on this silly 'terra' planet and forced to eat nothing
> but Scorched bovine flesh, the few caged vatch i brought, and the
> occasional monkey. ____________________________________________
> Kzinti Alien-Technologist, kzinti at   
> [Team OS/2 & Amiga Addict]
>    <((O))>  < Kz's UFO
> Team Arkaic!
> ____________________________________________

Tanjit! Listen, RatCat, cut it with the monkey jokes... I have a few
Kzinti ears on my belt, as well...


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