[rc5] Screen Saver weirdness with RC5

psychedelic-harry at mindless.com zberger at ldl.net
Sun Jul 27 14:15:47 EDT 1997

On 7/27/97 12:47 Brian J. Stewart blurted:

>Has anyone experienced problems with their screen savers *NOT* kicking in
>when RC5 (win32 in my case) is running in default nice mode??
>RC5-CODERS: The RC5 clients are not intercepting the screen saver messages
>under WIN95/NT are they???  I don't think they are but i'm asking...

They wouldn't do that but why are you trowing away cycles on a screen 
saver when you could just let RC5 have them???

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CDC!  I haven't heard of that in years....what ever happened to the Demon 
Roach Underground?

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