[rc5] New Mac v2.002 client beta

Vic Diamond vorpal at m-net.arbornet.org
Sun Jul 27 18:18:19 EDT 1997

As the subject suggests, is there any offical news on the new Macintosh
v2.002 beta? I ran into someone on IRC who claimed it was out and he was
using it and I didn't believe him since I've seen no news about it here or
on the web page. But he sent it to me to end the argument and indeed it
does exist. It's labelled as "Mac-2b2-Beta" by file name, but the version
string under get info lists it plainly as v2.002. It crunches keys about
12% faster on my PowerMac--I can now  try just over 560kKeys/sec, and
provided it's not some subversive plot to send my key blocks into a black
hole I'd love to keep using it.

Is there any official confirmation of this?


Vic "Me? Paranoid? Who told you that and why?" Diamond

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